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At Siddhi Yoga, we offer 100, 200, 300, and 500 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in India and Bali and have graduated over 2000+ successful yoga teacher trainees from 90+ Countries. Our 200 Hour, 25 Days Intensive Teacher Training Course (TTC) is internationally accredited with Yoga Alliance U.S.A. We also do online yoga teacher training. Below are some of the online yoga teacher training reviews along with onsite reviews from our students.

Tracy Watson
Tracy Watson, Yoga Teacher, United Kingdom

The ayurveda certification course was simple to understand. Siddhi Yoga should be proud as they have incorporated a well balanced understanding of Ayurveda.

I found the step by step online course, easy to learn, user friendly and each chapter followed a practical and logical path. The exam questions were clear to comprehend, and I enjoyed learning about this topic immensely.

Dr Vikas Kumar Sangotra made the course straight-forward and uncomplicated. Well done Siddhi Yoga - I would highly recommend this course and it compliments my yoga teaching, so I can help my clients even more - great and thank you."

Adrienne Pál-Ferenczy

"Siddhi Yoga School's Yoga Teacher Training is a very unique program.

I am so grateful I found this school, as they are offering an authentic and traditional program online as well which is very rare to find.

The teachers are extremely knowledgable, the program is well structured and easy to follow. The teachers are very approachable and helpful ready to answer any questions in no longer than 24 hours despite of time differences, or live on the camera. There is also a nice community and lots of interactions.

It felt like almost being there in person.

I am proud to say I obtained my Yoga Teacher Certificate at Siddhi Yoga and would definitely recommend to everyone who is looking for an authentic and traditional yoga teacher training program and ready to learn and improve a lot! Namaste"

James W. Seattle, US

"Just the start I needed. I spent a fair amount of time looking online for my yoga teacher training program and choosing one can be so very unnerving.
Too much info to filter through but I guess I was lucky.
Without doubt siddhi yoga's 200 hour course is one of the most comprehensive yoga training program intended to help you grow with Yoga.
Kudos to the whole team, hope to see everyone in person soon!!!"

Damaris Gissell

"Siddhi yoga was the best option that I could choose for my Yoga teacher training. I am glad to know how they teach; this school is not just exercises and poses.

Siddhi Yoga has a relationship with each student, helping you to grow spiritually and physically in Yoga. Love the combination of all types of yoga, the focus on each asana, the explication of spiritual and physical benefits, and how this school teaches.

Also, love the knowledge given through Patanjali Yoga Sutra that they teach. This School helps me with the Path to being the best in all ways of my life and being a good teacher. Thank you so much to all teachers for supporting me. Namaste"

Esther Hsu

I was glad to join Siddhi Yoga International RYT course, your team provided rich yoga knowledge and various practice demonstrations.
It is really a wonderful journey.

Tina Dave
Tina Dave

After a long and thorough search for an online yoga certification that is genuine, authentic, in depth, multifaceted, valuable and affordable, I decided on Siddhi Yoga International and after having completed my course, I know now that I made the right choice. The love, care an attention of all the staff for the subject and the teaching was beyond any of my expectations.

The prompt communication and care for the student is exceptional. I love to recommend Siddhi Yoga International to everyone around the world. I'm looking forward to keep learning from them and in turn help the people around me as much as possible. Namaste

Christina Arndt
Christina Arndt

For years and years I wanted to dive deeper into my on-and-off Yoga Practice. It was Siddhi Yogas comprehensive and yet affordable offer that prompted me to take action and enroll for the 200 hrs YTT training.

And how much I loved it! The many details that transmitted the authentic yoga I was looking for:

Insights into India yoga traditions (like a fire ceremony to start the course), manta singing, authentic philosophy lessons, easy to understand anatomy classes, easy to follow and adapt demonstrations of asanas, displaying many different versions of the poses,
interesting topics on Sunday Zoom sessions… and, maybe most important for an online course, the opportunity to ask individual questions in live zoom classes every weekend and within the course in a discussion section for each topic - with a super short response time. And very individual responses, which were very often valuable lectures for themselves.

Plus free reading material and a course book with the perfect level of detail.
What worked best for me was the fact that it was self paced. I have already signed up for the next course

Olga Lyutkevich
Olga Lyutkevich

I had a wonderful experience with Siddhi Yoga YTT200 and YTT300. The course was easy to navigate, and really informative. Very in depth lessons. The school is always helpful, and responds quickly. The assignments are a great learning experience.
The teachers are friendly and professional and mark your work in a timely fashion. I am very grateful to them for reviewing my work in time for the 2021 Yoga Alliance registration. Apart from the great staff, the course in itself is super well-organised and the content is interesting and of high quality. Also, Siddhi Yoga school does a lot to keep the community active.
I loved this course and would recommend it to ANYONE, whether you want to be a teacher or just to deepen your knowledge or practice. I’m feeling good about my own practice and my ability to teach others. I have also signed up for the Yin Course and it’s amazing.

Ryoko Ohara
Ryoko Ohara Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, Japan

The training was very authentic and I got to learn all the basics of Yoga.

On the day one I was thinking Yoga was all about poses and now I understood that, it is a very deep world of ‘unity’. Not only within, but learning about how we function inside and find it in ourselves, eventually extends to all the things around and above us. It brought complete change in my lifestyle and way of seeing the world.

‘Inner peace’’no judging’’be happy’’being healthy, I have heard of them so many times in the yoga lessons but have never learnt it’s true meaning and how scientifically and practically I could aim for them.

This course was so amazingly reasonable but the videos that I am sure it’s more than 200hours, were covering not only asanas but also the spirituality of yoga.

This course changed my life and I can not thank enough my teachers. Dr. Sumit, Mr, Shobhit, and Mr. Sandeep, to have broke down this amazing profound mentality so that even a beginner like me could understand.

Wei Lee
Wei Lee Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania

Yoga certification at Siddhi Yoga Teacher Training gave me deep knowledge and practice tools for every facets of yoga. The practice sessions are so valuable to the details and you can revisit whenever you need. The anatomy and pranayama trainings make sense for everything! It is truly great program!

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